Mar 2009

Westerdam and Half Moon Cay Staff Rescue Distressed Boaters

Submitted by: Janet

On February 16, at approximately 10:00 a.m. while at Half Moon Cay, Westerdam received a mayday call. Captain Henk Keijer relayed that a 16-foot Boston whaler boat with engine failure reported being located to the southwest, having been adrift for two days. While adrift the whaler spotted two cruise ships: Westerdam and Princess at Eleuthera Island.

Working together with staff from Half Moon Cay, the island’s Half Moon Clipper was released by the island manager to search for the distressed vessel, and visual contact with the Boston whaler was established with binoculars from Westerdam’s bridge wing. The Half Moon Clipper picked up assistance from the Westerdam including one deck officer, water and a towrope, and was then directed by the ship toward the Boston whaler.

Shortly thereafter the Half Moon Clipper was in position with Boston whaler approximately 10 nautical miles from Half Moon Cay and took it in tow after rescuing two people. The rescue operation took just over two hours. After the rescue, the stranded passengers were treated for dehydration and returned home Eleuthera that evening.

Half Moon Clipper returns to Half Moon Cay with two rescued people and a distressed Boston Whaler in tow.


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