1. I think it is a visual mess.. The overhang above the dining room is extremely ugly.
    I wonder if the ducktail did the same with the stern..
    The facilities added are great though, but the ships are not getting any prettier for it. (The R class ships are spoiled externally due to the awkward way the spa windows are placed above the bridge, eventhough the views from inside are great)

    Oh well, just my humble opinion…

  2. Maybe it is just this angle, but it does look a bit awkward. Maybe the dining room should be extended to meet the overhang on the future S.O.E. refits? Reminds me a little of the Norway (ex France) after they put those extra decks on top of her in 1990.
    I still want to sail on her though. The rest of the improvements look great, especially the Lanai cabins. What a difference from a basic outside cabin!

  3. The aft addition really does look poorly planned and out of place. It does look like an extra two decks were poorly measured and then plopped on top of the original ship.

    It is a shame since I hear the interior is nice. But the outside is ugly. It is not “sleek” I am sorry to say.

  4. I’m very disappointed. First of all the nice pool area on the veranda deck disappeared and secondly the once very nice vessel became quite tail heavy, and therefore very ugly.
    Are there any balcony details available of the new ducktail? I booked one of those staterooms with a upcoming cruise…

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