1. Two things that can make any bread pudding recipe better during the holidays:
    1) For the holidays, use Italian Panetone bread instead of regular white bread. The bits of fruit but a great, and edible :-), twist on fruit cake.
    2) Add 1-2oz of your favorite liqueur to the sauce before heating it. Tuaca (Vanilla) adds a great flavor, so does Amaretto (Almond/Cherry) or Grand Marnier (Orange)

  2. Is there also a recipe for the vanilla custard sauce, that is served along with the bread pudding? I would love to see that added to the list. It’s just delicious!

  3. You just can’t have this bread pudding without the custard sauce! Can you please share that as well?? Thank you!

  4. I was on the Westerdam Sept. of 87 and loved it the picnic outside with salmon on the grill with alderwood . everything was oh sooo great.

  5. I worked on the rotterdan as a musican drummer ,,,,, bread & butter pud was served around 3,30 that was my highlight of the day even beat the music,,,regards chef

  6. Hi Erin, we have asked Chef Rudi for the recipe and will post as soon as possible next week. Thanks for asking and happy cruising!

  7. I have the bread pudding everyday on the ship, love the vanilla custard sauce as well. Well be on Holland in a few weeks again. please share custard sauce with us. Thank You,

  8. Love your recipe: but on the custard sauce it don’t tell how much of each ingredient are to be used,like how many eggs,yolks,and how much milk,and vanilla are to be added. Thank you:

  9. Really enjoyed the bread pudding on our last cruise. Will share it with family over the holiday season. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  10. Donald, the quantity is listed under “ingredients” above. Follow these directions using those quantities. Custard sauce: In a saucepan, bring milk to simmer over medium heat. Meanwhile, in a large bowl whisk whole eggs, egg yolks and sugar until blended. Gradually whisk in hot milk. Stir in vanilla.

  11. The recipe for bread pudding omits the amt. of butter to be creamed with the sugar. Am looking forward to getting this so I can try it. Thanks.

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