Jul 2010

Entertainment Galore on Maasdam

Submitted by: Kateryna

On July 8, the crew of the Maasdam were given a wonderful present – a show organized and performed by two guest entertainers – Julie Barr and Matt Disnero – and the entertainment department team. Lots of humour and jokes from Julie, magic from Matt and songs and dances from the cast members made the night a fun and memorable one!

Special thanks to guest relations attendant Jay Antes for the wonderful photos.

Maasdam's entertainment crew.

Matt the Magician.

Julie the comedienne.

Kateryna Bannikova is Maasdam’s human resources manager.


  1. do hal ships have bingo games? casinos on every ship? including most particularly Eurodam and
    Nieuw Amsterdam? we enjoy both bingo and slots… is the casino the same size on both of these two ships?

  2. I’m wondering about specific shows for our upcoming cruise on 3-28-14. Would be nice to know before you go.

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