Amsterdam's Grand Show Buffet.

Thereby, we are proud to offer menu choices to suit just about all palates, every meal, in any dining area. Each day, no less than 4,000 meals are prepared with culinary excellence and dedication, as our sincere goal is to please your every sense, one bite at the time. Aside from his 45-day menu cycle including the Smart Casual and Formal night menus, Bernie and his team have featured in excess of 45 culinary themes this Grand Asia & Australia Voyage. Nearly all of these themes have been supplemented by the stylish and elegant decorations as well as the legendary personalized service provided by our Indonesian dining and Filipino beverage staff.

Combine all of these ingredients together and you have the culinary grandeur of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. “The trouble with eating Grand Voyage meals is that five or six days later upon your return home you’re hungry again.” There is no greater pleasure for us than to welcome you back for more; bon appétit!

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  1. we are wondering how Chef Bernie is doing. when we were cruising in Alaska the first week of July, we heard he was in a hospital in Seattle.
    we travelled on World Crusie with him for last 6 years.

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