Mar 2011

Volendam Alongside at Cairns, Queensland

Submitted by: Natalia

Noel Bell, a HAL guest and frequent blog contributor, sent in this note and pictures of the Volendam in Cairns.

Way up in far North Queensland and right on the Great Barrier Reef is the tropical city of Cairns. Thankfully it is a great day as seen on these images in port. As you may know, she is en route to Singapore via Darwin and Indonesia before a two-week dry dock in Singapore port. Hope you enjoy the pics! — Noel Bell


  1. She looks good in Cairns, my birthplace and and the closest port to where I grew up. Going on this ship next month. Pity I couldn’t see her in Nth Queensland.

  2. How was your trip in June 2012? We care considering a trip on the Volendam this year and were just wondering how the dry dock on the Volendam went. Any comments as to the condition of the ship would be appreciated..

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