Apr 2011

Captain’s Log: More Photos of Eurodam in Dry Dock

Submitted by: Captain Bowland

We are now down to the last three days of our 10-day dry docking and the pace is starting to get frantic. Carpet is still going down, work in the Lido and main pool area is still being finalized. Painting of the hull started last night, and the load testing of all davits began this morning. A lot of work is still ongoing in technical spaces. Cleaning and removing some of the protective materials will start tomorrow. We still have to clean the ship and set it all up again for guests. Fort Lauderdale and the start of our 16-day crossing is looming.

Darin Bowland is Eurodam’s captain.


  1. What do you mean by… load testing of all davits began this morning. What is a davit?
    things are looking great! Even when we were on it mid march, it didn’t look like it needed any work besides a fresh underside to the hull. Lookin good!! Wish we could have cruised it as soon as it was finished!

  2. Gotcha. I was wondering why all the lifeboats were off the ship. Good Idea to make sure they can still lower them :) just in case!

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