Apr 2011

Captain’s Log: Eurodam’s Final Hull Inspection

Submitted by: Captain Bowland

The paint job on the underside of the ship is complete. The team has carried out the final inspection and the dock will be filled with water later this evening to the 5 meter mark. The ship will still be sitting on the blocks but it allows us to bring the ships systems on line. At this point all shore side service connections will be disconnected. Tomorrow morning we will float the ship. Next is the interior, pics to follow.

Darin Bowland is Eurodam’s captain.


  1. Thank you for all these interesting pictures and explanations ! —- By the way : were you on board Eurodam for the maiden voyages? I remember a very tall First Officer (?) who looked much like you, as well as the occasion a bit later, when you became Captain. Now you and Capt.van Donselaar have her all to yourselves (:>) ! In you “blog” I sense your pride in her ! Nice !

  2. Hi Almuth,
    You might be thinking of Tim Lodder. He’s the tall first officer at 7 feet! I’m glad you like the posts of the ship.

  3. Thank you so much for these great Eurodam dry dock pictures! It is so interesting to see the ship like this for a change. The photo with the crew standing between the two azipods is my favorite!

  4. EXCELENT, Looks brand new again!!! Wish I could sail in now!
    So…If I might ask, how do you paint where the blocks are holding the ship off the ground? And another unrelated to the drydock. Why are the bow thrusters at different heights/levels on the hull?

  5. Whats the details on the new paint…. difference in weight of the new paint compared to the old? And just a total weight of the new paint! Looks pretty! How long should it last?

  6. Are those the sacrificial anodes placed around the front side of the Azipods? Why are so many placed there?

  7. Sent in from Captain Darin Bowland: The blocks are adjusted by one frame each drydock – 70cm, so the hull can be painted in these areas as well. The bow thrusters are at different heights to help eliminate the interaction between them.

  8. Sent in from Captain Darin Bowland: There is a marginal difference in weight. The paint should last 5 years, although during our next dry docking period in three years we will re-assess. The total weight of the paint is somewhere around 20 tonnes.

  9. Sent in from Captain Darin Bowland: Yes those are Zinc anodes. They are placed in these areas only as the hull is protected by cathotic protection. Also, there is a tremendous flow of water over the azipods, stabilizers and thrusters. These are the three areas where most of the anodes are found.

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