Jun 2011

It’s Beerfest Time on Eurodam

Submitted by: Nicole

Special thanks to Eurodam’s Culinary Operations Manager Jonathan Lewis for sharing these photos from the ship’s recent themed event during its call at Warnemunde, Germany.

The Eurodam had its first call of the season at Warnemunde on May 25 and the culinary department held a large beerfest-themed barbecue dinner in the Lido area midship. The traditional local sausages and other German delicacies were well received by the guests. Entertainment was provided by the local brass band.

Jonathan Lewis
Culinary Operations Manager
ms Eurodam


  1. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!! Makes me hungry!! I also couldn’t help but notice the blinds on the windows. Were they added during the dry dock? Are they on both sides? It’s a great addition, especially for the cabanas!
    Eric Wood
    PS: since I’m sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam later this year, are the blinds on her as well?

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