1. I went to the fortress behind the Ryndam for a short walk and I found it very interesting. Oslo is a a modern but changing city and to find something old in the city is very good.

  2. Hi there can you help me with dress code as we’re thinking of going on Ryndam to Norway

  3. Evening dress falls into two distinct categories: Formal or Smart Casual. Smart Casual can be defined as slacks and collared shirts for men and casual dresses, slacks and informal evening wear for women. T-shirts, swimsuits, tank tops and shorts are not allowed in the restaurants or public areas during the evening hours. On festive Formal evenings, ladies usually wear a suit, cocktail dress or gown and gentlemen wear a jacket and tie, dark suit or tuxedo. There are approximately two formal nights per week.

    You can read more here: http://www.hollandamerica.com/cruise-vacation-planning/PlanningAndAdvice.action?tabName=Cruise+Preparation&contentMenu=Baggage,+Packing+%26+Dress+Code&contentSubMenu=Is+There+A+Dress+Code%3F

  4. We are sailing on the Ryndam out of Barcelona on Oct. 15 and would like to know if there is WiFi onboard.

  5. Thinking of booking this ship and this cruise in May – are there any hidden charges for the daily life on this ship? For dining etc? Are the drinks prices expensive too?

  6. Hi Zachary, the best forums to ask a question like this would be on our Facebook page or on Cruise Critic where there is a lot more active chatter. You also can call HAL reservations and they might have this information. 1-877-932-4259. Julie, HAB editor

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