ss Nieuw Amsterdam.

ss Nieuw Amsterdam.

Artwork onboard Holland America Line was commissioned for the individual vessels of the line prior to the building of the ms Nieuw Amsterdam of 1983 and the ms Noordam of 1984. Those sister ships were the first ships to display an array of antiques as well as a few commissioned pieces throughout the ship.

The ms Nieuw Amsterdam showcased antiques from the Dutch West Indies whereas the ms Noordam showcased Dutch East Indies antiques and artifacts. During the building of the 2000 ms Amsterdam, the interior design group ran across the beautiful bronze Four Seasons sculpture that adorned the Grand Foyer of the 1938 ss Nieuw Amsterdam. They purchased it from a European art dealer and it is once again proudly displayed on Holland America Line. It is perfectly placed above the staircase on Sports Deck just outside the famed Crow’s Nest aboard our sister flagship, the ms Amsterdam.



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