Apr 2013

Captain’s Log: A Return to Glacier Bay, Alaska

Submitted by: Captain Baijens
Captain's Log: A Return to Glacier Bay, Alaska

On April 28, the ms Volendam was in Glacier Bay, Alaska. She is the first HAL ship and the second cruise ship to enter Glacier Bay this season.

The day started with snow storms in the early morning and strong winds. It can be seen that the ice is on the window wipers on the bridge and on the various outside decks.

After that it cleared and we had a spectacular day as can be seen in the pictures.

Glacier Bay, Alaska



Gloomy Knob, Alaska

Gloomy Knob, Alaska

Russell Island, Canada

Russell Island, Canada

Margerie Glacier, Alaska

Marjorie Glacier, Alaska

Marjorie Glacier, Alaska

Marjorie Glacier, Alaska 1

Marjorie Glacier, Alaska

Jeroen Baijens is Volendam’s captain.


  1. Dear Captain Jeroen Baijens I’m so looking forward to my back to back to back cruises starting 16 May out of San Diego on the ms Amsterdam. I hope you got your National Park Stamp (smile.)

    Here in Phoenix AZ right now it’s 105F; so the change will be wonderful.

  2. Breathtaking! Did the Oosterdam in march…Alaska is on my bucket list, just so far from Australia I need to save lots pennies!!

  3. Planning a land & cruise in Alaska with Holland in 2014 and can’t wait. Enjoyed your note & photos

  4. I did the alaskan cruise in 2005 with my husband. The biggest problem was that we went with another cruise line. The differences were glaringly obvious. I will never make that mistake again. I need some magazines to start plan my next HAL cruise. I’m leaning toward Alaska again. Love you Guys.

  5. We are leaving two weeks from today with Holland for Alaska. Can’t wait! The pictures are gorgeous.

  6. I was with you on April 28th, Captain (boarded in Kobe, Japan) and was ever so thankful that you “talked” the Park Rangers into allowing the Volendam under your watchful command to enter Glacier Bay without them. It turned out to be a brutally cold, but clear, blue-sky day for all of us. Your command of the weather “gods” is amazing! Exquisite – no other words to describe nature like this in all of her glory! Thank you for an amazing adventure…

  7. Would love to go on another cruise to Alaska! It is so beautiful, and totally is The Lat Frontier!!

  8. hi, enjoyed your photos and notes they were great. we would love to do the cruise again so we can do and see every thing we didnt see last time, my sister go married on the cruise and there was lots of family we havnt seen in a few years it was lots of fun and we had a great great time. it was our very frist cruise and we loved it and its the only way to travel.

  9. My husband and I will be crusing Sept. 8 out of Vancouver, those pictures are overwhelming, can’t wait to see the sights.

  10. Will be seeing this on the Volendam in 10 days. I can hardly wait. This will be my tenth Alaska cruise.
    I love it!!!

  11. Have booked the Alaska cruise from Vancouver on 3rd July 7 nights. On my bucket list. Never cruised before!!! would like any advice about what to pack for this cruise. So looking forward to it.

  12. Hi Rosalie, Do you have a Facebook account? If so, the HAL FB page is the best place to ask for advice because of the nature of the conversations. If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can get you some advice on the blog! Happy sailing! Don’t forget to send photos to the blog when you return ;) Julie, HAB editor

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