Jan 2014

Postcards from Alaska

Submitted by: HAL Destinations Team
Alaska was "Indescribable" beautiful. — Brenda Addison
Alaska was "Indescribable" beautiful. — Brenda Addison

Amazing, breathtaking, inspiring, stunning, life-changing … those are just some of the words we’ve heard Holland America Line guests use to describe Alaska.

Even if you’ve never been to Alaska, it’s easy to see why it is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. From colossal glaciers and snow-capped mountains to wildlife like whales and bears, each cruise and Land+Sea Journey is sure to feature incredible scenery just waiting to photographed.

Sawyer Glacier by Paula Holder.

Sawyer Glacier by Paula Holder.

This was an awesome trip. Something we would like to do again. — Karen and Tim


Here is one of my favorite photos from our Holland America cruise in Glacier Bay. It is a group of kayakers at the base of the Margerie Glacier showing it’s immense size. — Sam Giammo


The Amsterdam passed us just after 6 am on its way to Ketchikan while we were fishing for salmon. — Bryan Ringos


Alaska is so much more than rugged terrain, jagged mountain tops and unparalleled beauty that will take your breath away. It is many things to many people. Mountains, valleys, flat marshlands, frozen tundra, shoreline, lakes, rivers, desert and much more. The diversified landscape is all that matters for survival in such a place. This land will inspire you, nurture you, sustain you, love you, hate you, eat you, and bury you. It will stir you. It is a force to be reckoned with, a force that lodges itself in your very core, and is difficult to release. — Mariner Cathy Robinson



I took this sunset picture from the rear of the Rotterdam on my Alaska cruise. — Paul Martinez


I managed to take these when Amsterdam was docked in Skagway. The otters were in the water next to the ship. — Jonathan Bailey, Amsterdam’s Safety, Environmental and Health Officer


I was on Zaandam and able to snap this photo of Statendam at John Hopkins Inlet in Glacier Bay. — Doug Weeks


We had such a wonderful time on our Alaska Cruise on the ms Volendam in September of 2012. My husband Vincent, my sister Yvonne, and I enjoyed every minute. These pictures are from the top of Mount Roberts (we took the tram), a canoeing excursion to Davidson Glacier and Glacier Bay. — Teresa Smith



This is my favorite photo from our Holland America cruise to Alaska this past summer. My husband took the picture while we were in Sitka. You cannot take a “bad” picture in Alaska! I am using this picture as my screen saver on my computer, so everytime I open my computer I am reminded of the wonderful cruise we had! — Judy Soenksen


My wife and I cruised to Alaska for the fifth time for our 20th anniversary. We had another wonderful trip, our stewards and crew were great as usual, they went out of their way to make our anniversary special. — Jim


Photo by Melissa Hagman.

Photo by Melissa Hagman.

Rafting near the Glacier in 2012. Wonderful HAL Excursion. — Richard Poole

Rafting near the Glacier in 2012. Wonderful HAL Excursion. — Richard Poole

Photo by Joanne and Enrico.

Photo by Joanne and Enrico.

John Hopkins Glacier just after a calving. — Dave Barnett,

John Hopkins Glacier just after a calving. — Dave Barnett,


  1. I have made several cruises with Holland America to Alaska. Never tire of it. Always treated so well on board. And off course eat too much

  2. Outstanding photos! Have to book one of our annual 14 day cruises to this wonderful land on one of HAL’s outstanding ships!

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