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10 Feb. 2015; Gustavia St. Bartheleme.

With a windy Caribbean day on the schedule the Nieuw Amsterdam arrived at 11.30 at the anchorage of Gustavia. For a deep drafted cruise ship that anchorage is quite a distance out of town. First there is the shallow area then a deeper area but with rocky pinnacles and finally regular deeper water where a ship can safely anchor. It was not too busy today and thus the NA could come closer than otherwise is sometimes the case.  And how deeper in you can get the more sheltered the anchorage is.  St. Barths is a hot spot for the Jet set and there are always a few gin – palaces parked there while the owners are making money somewhere else or sitting in a villa on the island. Today it was fairly quiet and most of the outer anchorage was open and empty. I have seen otherwise. Somewhere in the archives is a story about my call with the Prinsendam at St. Barths just after Christmas. Everybody who was somebody according to themselves was at the anchorage with their yacht. On top of that Ambramovich had parked his yacht the Eclipse right on the deep sea anchor spot where I was supposed to go. And as that yacht has about the same length as the little Prinsendam there was no way I could sit next to it. That meant I had to anchor much further out thus causing the wind and swell to hit the ship from both sides, curves both from the north end and the south end around the island. So I gave up and sailed on to Antigua. Today this was not necessary the Nieuw Amsterdam could anchor safely although the Seadream II had pinched the best spot as they had arrived earlier and we could not do that with our schedule. Thus the guests have a bit of a wobbly ride to the island but in the evening it should get better as the dying off of the wind after sunset will cause the waves to subside a little bit.  Our last tender is at 10 […]

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