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Feb 2016

09 Feb. 2016: At Sea.

Today we are sailing in the North Atlantic on our way from Half Moon Cay to Gustavia where we should arrive tomorrow sometime before  12.00 hrs. Hence the late stay in the evening as I mentioned yesterday.  The route is taking us North of the remainder of the Bahamian Islands and then later also North of the Turks and Caicos which we will visit next week again.  The weather was a real mixture today. We still had the tail of a weather system laying over us which brought dark skies and rain in the morning but in the early afternoon it became nice and sunny. Good thing as well as with this charter we have a real party crowd on board and an outside disco which is a major part of the whole happening. You cannot say that these guests spend their time in their cabin or tucked away with a good book in a quiet corner; it is go go go. Even the bingo had at least 200 people in attendance. Numbers I have not seen since the early 90’s. But then it is not a regular bingo but more a sort of comedy – bingo caller show and where most of the commentary is mostly NSFW. Still a grand time is being had by all and the bars are doing big business. We are going straight against the swell generated by the trade winds and on occasion the Nieuw Amsterdam finds a bump in the road.  It is quite interesting to compare all the HAL ships with each other as they all behave slightly different, although they are all an evolution from the basic S class design.  The R class (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Volendam, and Zaandam) is a stretched version but reacts different to the weather as the S class as the ships are longer due to the extra staircase in the middle. Then the next step was the Vista Class (Noor, Ooster, Zuider & Westerdam) and here you can debate whether it is a completely new design or a drastic redesign of the R class. I opt for […]

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