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Apr 2015

18 April 2015; Kusadasi, Turkey.

We arrived very nice and very early in Kusadasi, Turkey. Early because of the tours to Ephesus and nice because it was yet another glorious day of sunny but not too warm weather. The people on the tour to Ephesus were lucky as we were the only ship in as such and thus it was a lot less crowded than it could have been. When the cruise ship season is in full swing here, there can be 7 or 8 cruise ships in port with an estimated 16,000 guests ashore of which at least 3,000 go to Ephesus. Today only us and only about 150 culturally inclined souls made the trip.   Next to us was another cruise ship belonging to Lois Cruise Lines and to my utter amazement it was the old Song of America. Now it is employed on 3 and 4 day cruises from Limassol and they do 2 ports a day. This means every stop is about 4 hours.  Cheap Cruises in the style of roll your own luggage on board and that is what we saw happening today. Kusadasi was a sort of embarkation port and we saw groups coming on board pulling their suitcases.  The ship was in by 0600 and was gone again by 13.00 hrs. and I believe they were going for Patmos with a 15.00 hrs. arrival. Most of our guests have been to Kusadasi so their focus was on shopping. Kusadasi offers good prices for leather and jewelry as long as you know what the prices should be and you can haggle the prices down. My roving reporter was going for a walk about and promised to shoot some scenic photos of Kusadasi.  Thus please have a look at her favorite leather shop calledB Dennys (with stores in Ireland, Russia, Romania, Tirol and Belgium) Lesley bought me a short black leather Jacket and herself a medium length cream leather coat. With Bargaining skills honed by long years of experience she got at least 50% of the asking price for both so my Dutch mind was put at ease; we did […]

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