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Sep 2014

29 September 2014; Quebec, 4th day.

And then the captain came on the tannoy, late in the evening, advising us that we were not going anywhere. The small technical issue turned out to be a major technical issue that affected the correct operation of one of the propellers. All the regulatory agencies had come on board in the evening and after due consideration had shaken their wise heads. Thus the decision was made that the cruise had to be cancelled and all guests would have to go home tomorrow or in the coming days, depending on what travel arrangements could be made in due course. I must applaud my company here as it did not stint on compensation. As a result there was hardly any negative buzzing going on at all in the ship.  I just feel sorry for the Front Office who will now have to face the burden of dealing with 1200 travel arrangements or offering support to those who make their own arrangements. Apart from that, the guests have to get to Montreal airport, Quebec airport or Boston airport and that means lots of shuttle buses.  I think somewhere a coach company is going to be very HAPPY. On the other side the Seattle Technical has to gear up very quickly now to get labor and material in place to repair the propeller issue. We have Pitch Propellers, which means that we change the scoop, the setting, of the blades to go faster, slower or astern. Something is wrong with the blades not following the orders given on the bridge console and it is inside the propeller housing. Thus divers have to be flown in, by charter plane, with all their equipment and they will remove the Hub (that is the conical end of the shaft to which the propeller blades are connected) and look inside to see what the matter is. Parts are on the way as well and hopefully by tomorrow they can work on it. This evening the ship was moved, partly by using the other propeller and thrusters and partly by the aid of two strong tugboats, to the […]

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