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Oct 2015

04 Oct. 2015; Malaga, Spain.

With a 23.00 departure and a 06:00 pilot for Malaga, it was a short night for the Deck department. Even with the short length of sailing, the ship did not have to go that fast as Malaga is just around the corner. What made it seem longer was the fact that we had to go around the long way. It looks strange if you look at the chart but it makes sense as it avoids ships crossing in front of each others bows, while using short cuts along to coast to save mileage.  Although the lines are clearly drawn in the chart, there will always be naughty boys and thus there is a radar station on the coast which keeps a close eye on everything. You have to call in when you approach the system and then you are being monitored all the way through and you receive information about who is also in the area. It adds some miles to the journey but it is much safer. Malaga is an important port for container traffic and a ferry terminal with regular services. It is also an important cruise port and has recently constructed two new cruise terminals with long docks so also the big boys can come in.  Then there are a few other docks which are cruise ship friendly as during the cruise season 4 or 5 ships are no exception and they can easily put 15000 guests ashore. What do all these people cruise people do? If they stay in Malaga they can visit the Picasso Museum, its cathedral and it also has the best preserved city walls / citadel in Spain. Going out, Granada and Cordoba are very close and many tours are offered to take you there; same for Mijas, also known as the white city, which has a lot of Spanish country life on show. This city you can also do on horseback but our shore Excursion Forms do warn that the horses cannot take more than 100 kg. or 200 pounds. Cruise Guests who enjoy the good life on board too much might […]

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