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Nov 2015

29 Nov. 2015; North Atlantic Ocean.

In the early morning we sailed through the southern tip of a left over wave field which caused the ship to move about somewhat, but by 10 am we saw the waves go down and the ship settle down as well. Now we are back to the regular “motion of the ocean” which is always here even when it is or has been perfect weather for a few days. As we are now sailing above the Bahama’s and calling at ports in the area I wondered just how long Holland America has been visiting this area. Grand Turk where we are tomorrow has only been on the cruise map since we have a dock there. Before we had a few attempts to go at anchor and tender but the percentages of cancelling were very high and we all gave up until the Pier was constructed. Half Moon Cay has now been with us since before 2000 and also before that time we did not go there as we ourselves had to build the location first. Closer to Florida we have Freeport and this port has been on the map for a longer period. As a cruise ship destination it gained real prominence as an alternative for Nassau.  In the good old days when the ships were small and it was not a real mass market yet, the docks in Nassau could handle most of the time 10 ships. In the mid eighties this started to change and slowly the ships got longer and the Pier that before could handle two ships, could now only accommodate one ship. Much of this was caused by Carnival when they introduced the Ecstasy Class.  With the arrival of this class the company greatly expanded and filled double berths. At the same time for the large number of 3 and 4 day cruises Nassau was not enough anymore and the eye was cast to the other side of North West Providence Channel where there were docks as well at Freeport. It started out with a very ramshackle dock just inside the entrance and I remember going […]

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