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Jul 2014

25 July 2014; Ketchikan, Alaska.

The most famous shop in Ketchikan is Tongass. It is located right on the cruise ship berths. A prime spot as at least 2 full complements of cruise ship guests have to walk by there to get into town and back. The store has been there a long long time and once was a real “General Store” where you could buy everything you needed to survive in Alaska. That has now changed and all the down stairs has been taken over for selling souvenirs; except a small side corner where they have some drugstore items for sale. Why do I mention this store? Well it was raining today, real Ketchikan weather, and it looked like it that a full complement of at least one ship had marched straight into this store to stay dry, and they were of course shopping. The owner must be a rich man. It was almost too busy to sell anything. It confirmed my theory that it does not matter that much if it rains during the call at the last port of the cruise.  As long as the shops are open. Tomorrow will be last day of this cruise, with an evening call at Victoria. The weather during the coming night does not look very good but once the ship has gotten past that, it should become sunny and warm. So although the cruise was -weather wise- not that exciting, it should have a favorable ending. That brings me to the end of my blogging period and I would like to thank all the readers for keeping up with my musings and the humdrum of a travelling captain. What is going to happen next? I will have a month vacation first and she who shall be obeyed has booked a number of short holidays. We are taking a luxury train to the Tattoo in Edinburgh. I have been there before B&B style but now we are going the 5 star way. Secondly we will be making two short cruises. Just to be nosy to see how some other companies are doing. Then, I should be […]

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