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Oct 2015

08 Oct. 2015, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Today we were in Monte Carlo and we docked, which made us the biggest yacht in the port. I do not know if I can say also the most luxurious, but I wonder: How many of these mega yachts would have a soft ice cream machine on board?  That is for me a very important luxury item.  Right under our bow we had several yachts anchored/docked in rows. The two which I instantly recognized;  the Lady Moira and the Christina Onassis. The Lady Moira is normally the largest yacht in port but this time she was not docked at the inner corner of the port but next to Christina O. near the exit. Either getting ready for deployment or having moved to a cheaper location? The Christina O. is still a yacht with more traditional lines and thus looks more like a ship than a floating gin place or cocktail bar. There was a lot of work going on, with railings being sanded and varnished and white paint applied everywhere. Not done by the regular crew but by contractors so I assume there was some sort of refit going on. Although both cruise ships and private yachts are luxurious and cater for guests, there is a distinct difference, at least for the officers. We on the cruise ships battle with the danger of fatigue and carefully monitor our hours so we get enough rest; while on the yachts there is often the battle with boredom. Some yachts go out for charter but some are just waiting for their owner, who might never come or just once or twice a year. When that is, is often unknown and so they wait, and wait and wait. You can keep cleaning the yacht and touching up but there is a certain moment when there is nothing to do any more. The yacht world has recognized this issue and tries to offer solutions for it. We can dock here in Monte Carlo as they built a Pier some years ago. Before that time all the ships had to anchor. There is a funny story […]

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