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Nov 2015

25 Nov. 2015; Crown Bay, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Nicely on time we docked this morning at the Crown Bay cruise ship dock at 07.00 hrs. As explained last cruise all HAL ships use this dock instead of the Havensight dock opposite the downtown area of Charlotte Amalie. It was a full day today with all the docks occupied. If there had been more ships then they would have had to go to the anchorage.  Next to us we had the Allure of the Seas who came in a little bit later in the morning. At Havensight we had the Carnival Splendor, the Disney Fantasy and the Regal Princess. If you only count the number of lower beds on the ships then there would have been in port today 12,800 guests. It being a Thanksgiving cruise means that a lot of the upper beds must have been in use as well, so my guess is that the shopkeepers could say hello today to at least 15,000 guests, and then we are not counting the crew. The Westerdam has a lower berth capacity of 1916 and we have 2150 on board this cruise. I expect the other ships are in a similar situation. Today was a busy day on the Westerdam. With all the guests going ashore the Staff Captain lined up all his 18 sailors for a major chipping project on the under decks of the ps. lifeboats.  St. Thomas is about the only day when nearly all the guests are gone and you do not inconvenience anybody if you rope off one side of the ship. I just hope nobody wanted to sleep in until after 09.00 hrs. Then at 10.30 there was the monthly General Emergency Drill; where we go through the whole alarm cycle as if it is a real emergency and not a training drill. Our biggest challenge here is to ensure everybody is accounted for. If the ship sinks we can always buy a new ship, Mr. Arison is rich enough, but we cannot buy a new guest or a new crew member. No one will be left behind. Today’s focus of the drills was […]

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