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Oct 2014

22 Oct. 2014; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

It was still dark when the ship arrived in Fort Lauderdale, courtesy of the fact that the distance is not that far from Port Canaveral and it is getting winter and thus the days are getting shorter.  But it turned out to be a similar day as yesterday, overcast, hardly any wind and warm.  Today we embarked the remainder of our guests and that means that our voyage is now well and truly underway with a full house of eager cruisers. Not only North Americans, but also Australians, British, Germans and I heard a few far Eastern languages from Korea, Japan or China. The ship has currently a visit of our Designated Person or D.P.  This is a compulsory function under the Safety Management System under which we operate; and as all other shipping company’s do as well.  Within this system a function was created to act as a bypass of the regular chain of command. Normally if something is wrong, in the area of Health, Environment and Safety or Security (HESS) then that is played up the chain of command until a solution is reached.  Now there is always a possibility that something that has been reported, is not reaching the level where it can be resolved.  This can be for various reasons, varying from just having forgotten about it, to not understanding the issue, or even unwillingness to give follow up.  In the unlikely event that this would be the case, the person on board who does not get his/her situation followed up upon, has the option to contact the DP directly. The DP then takes it with the ship or within in the office, with the department who bears the responsibility for the area of concern reported and that department then HAS to follow up and report back to the DP. If that department or person would refuse to do so then the DP has the right and the obligation to march straight into the office of the CEO and Chairman to report and to seek a solution. Our Safety Management System is in the end the […]

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