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Sep 2014

15 September 2014; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The ship docked with a full house of eager guests ready to ashore as they had not been able to do so in Bar Harbor due to the wind. It was a regular cool but nice day for Halifax and all of us on board were very happy as a rainy day would have not been nice for the guests after missing a port. Still there were complaints galore about the weather as there is always a group on board who seems to think that if you go on a cruise, you get sunny and warm weather, where ever you go with the ship. Even when going to the Antarctic of the Artic there is always somebody who has not brought any warm clothing, because ……….. they were going on a cruise. So for some today did not give the cruise weather they had expected while for others used to colder weather at home it was just a pleasant day. These are sort of battles you cannot win and the only thing you can do is try to get the message across that the weather today was very good for Halifax, especially taking into consideration the lateness in the season. Today the Bridge had something interesting on their hand, a corporate trainer/supervisor/auditor, called a Fleet Captain. Each company has one of these persons; they are regular captains from the fleet but they have been farmed out to Carnival Corporation for a Bridge Resource Implementation program. The idea is to ensure that all the ships of all the companies which are controlled by Carnival Corp. have the same bridge watch standards.  These fleet captains go around, training the crew in bridge procedures which are the standard for the whole fleet. These standards will eventually also result in having similar bridges on all the ships. So the bridge of a future HAL ship will be identical to one of a Cunard or Princess ship. Not a bad idea as it will make the familiarization with the equipment, when coming on board a new ship, much easier. But that is still for the […]

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