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Jul 2015

29 July 2015; Ketchikan, Alaska.

Guessing the correct weather for Ketchikan is a lot easier than winning the lottery. The chance that you get it right is 332 (days) out of the 365 is quite achievable. During those 332 there will be some rain. Varying from Horizontal Rain, Torrential Rain, Steady Rain, to Showers, Drizzle & Drip.  Today we had drizzle and drip which they do not consider rain at all in Ketchikan and can thus be ignored and considered a dry day. So we had a dry day for most of the day with only an occasional increase from drizzle and drip to shower. The good ship Statendam arrived at Ketchikan dock just after 07.00 and we were assigned the best dock in port again, dock 2.  Right on top of the Tongass Store, and with everything else right across the street. In port as well were the Pacific Princess from Princess Cruises and the Infinity from Celebrity. That left one berth, berth 4, empty for the day. Berth 4 is the berth the farthest from the town and is thus the least used. I was up and about very early as I had offered to do a photo shoot for the company’s simulator. For a number of years now Carnival Corporation’s UK branch had a Simulator in the Netherlands (The company is called C-Smart) in the town of Almere. Almere is a new built city sitting on reclaimed land to the East of Amsterdam.  And as about half of the rest of Holland it sits below water level. However as long as the dykes are holding, everything is safe. And we have good dykes in Holland. The best in the world to be honest, we even export them all over the world. All of us attend nearly every year one or more classes at this Simulator and the courses are based on Bridge Team Management in all its forms and possibilities. It is a busy training facility as with 110 cruise ships in the fleet there are a lot of officers who have to go through the classes. More recent is the addition […]

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