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Oct 2014

25 Oct. 2014: Georgetown, Grand Cayman… sort of….

Last night we had an hour back because North America is still on summertime (GMT – 4 hrs.) and the Caribe stays on GMT – 5 hrs. all year around. But by the end of the month they should be in synch again when winter time comes. With the hour time change it was day light a little bit earlier than yesterday and it also helped that we sailed towards the East of cause. Daylight revealed a situation that we had hoped that would have gone away already. Yesterday I blogged about waiting to see if there would be wind enough to keep the ship at the anchorage but I was not expecting that the swell & wind were still completely from the wrong direction. The wind had not turned at all back to the normal North Easterly Trade wind direction. The wind and waves where still coming in from the S.E. and slightly more from the South than from the East and that was bad news. If it was wind only then the ship could stay on the engines and float with the nose in the wind and maintain position without drifting onto the island. But SE swell is another story. It does not have to be an issue for the ship but it can be an issue for the port. And today it was. The long swell was running straight into the port and while going over the shallow area in front of the port, building up even more and then crashing into the dock walls. The captain sent a tender out to check on the Pilots reports and the crew reported in & concurred with the pilot, saying that things were not looking good. While alongside the tender rose and dropped constantly 3 feet and more and was not steady for a single moment. Imagine trying to step out of an elevator where the threshold is constantly going up and down by three feet. No safe to do …………….and does we do not do. Hence the only decision that could be made was made, cancelling. Not nice for […]

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