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Sep 2014

20 Sep 2014: On location Halifax, Canada.

And thus I left the ms Maasdam yesterday after a very pleasant 14 days, thanks to Captain Arno Jutten and his team.  As I was able to finish everything on schedule, I could even throw in My Holland America History lecture for approx. 600 guests in the show lounge. Hotel Directors and Cruise Directors always try to offer something that is not on the regular schedule and I was glad to oblige. What was unusual but very heartening, was the number of crew that popped in during the lecture. That was something I was not used to but I am glad that there is the interest among them as well for the rich history of our company. While I was doing that the good ship Maasdam was travelling up the St. Lawrence River on the way to Quebec. It was sunny but very chilly so most guests when not taking part in activities were watching the world go by from behind the glass windows. I did the same after my lecture was finished, high up in the crow’s nest. Holland America introduced the “On Location” program about a year ago and its purpose is that the guests connect as much as possible during their cruise with the area that they are sailing through. So more local food is prepared and served on board, more local information/ lectures and if it fits in the schedule, local entertainment on board. A pleasant side effect of all this is, at least for me, that the ships now stock local beers. There are more and more Micro brewery’s and some of them produce very good stuff. In Alaska they stock in Juneau and here on the East Coast Canadian beers. Of course the regular run – of the –mill beers  but also from two local and smaller breweries. One from Prince Edward Island and one from Montreal.  Thus I managed to test them one by one, one every other day, after a full day of talking. Some were to my taste, some were not. But this way is a great way of taking part in local […]

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