ms Amsterdam

ms Amsterdam

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The Netherlands
62,753 grt
780 feet
22.5 knots
October 2000
Janet Lanterman

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Jan 2015

Captain’s Log: Sail Along on the Grand World Voyage Cruise

Submitted by: Amsterdam Captain Jonathan Mercer

Captain Mercer is back on the Grand World Voyage, he just took the ship through the Panama Canal.
Captain Mercer is back on the Grand World Voyage, he just took the ship through the Panama Canal.

Captain Mercer is back onboard the Grand World Voyage and he’s blogging about his cruising adventures. The ship set sail from Fort Lauderdale in early January and made its way through the Panama Canal. After a call at Ecuador this week, it’s eight days at sea before landfall in the South Pacific. Catch up with Captain Mercer and witness the Grand World Voyage through the eyes of the master of the ship. Jan. 6 – Fort Lauderdale: Dear readers, after a hectic 24-hours I am back in the ‘Driving’ seat again. We left Port Everglades last night (5th) at 10 p.m. having embarked over 1,000 guests (and their luggage ), stores and fuel and heaven knows what else. Quite windy too, I probably woke up some of the guests, the bow-thrusts were working quite hard. As I write, we are in the Old Bahama Channel, this lies between Cuba to the south and the Bahama Banks to the north, eventually we will round the eastern tip of Cuba, thence the western end of Haiti and into the Caribbean, our destination being Santa Marta, Columbia for Friday morning. My leave was hectic, some time in Europe for training courses, visiting my daughters and grandchildren, then a hernia op (heavy suitcases up steep gangways) and some R&R of course. Suitcases are strewn around the cabin and today will involve packing it all away into its rightful place. Emily and Violet are walking now, Olly is shooting up, all too quickly. Jan. 7 – At Sea After weeks of a leisurely coffee, a read of the morning news on the internet, still wearing PJs shipboard routine comes as something of a culture shock. If someone could explain to me why, when one awakes in darkness, the luminous hands of my watch are in exact alignment more often than not, I would be grateful… During one of my previous posts I mentioned my attendance at another ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) course. The big change is that now, as we are ECDIS compliant, we are now using this as our principal Navigation system. […]

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