ms Maasdam

ms Maasdam

Ship Facts

The Netherlands
55,575 grt
719 feet
22 knots
December 1993
Actress June Allyson

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Jun 2016

Looking for a Unique Adventure? Try Geocaching During Your Next Cruise

Submitted by: HAL Activities Team

At Half Moon Cay, Julie, left, and Jan found a geocache hidden in the pirate shipwreck.
At Half Moon Cay, Julie, left, and Jan found a geocache hidden in the pirate shipwreck.

Regular blog contributor and freelance writer Jan Hinman recently took a cruise with her daughter Julie, an amateur photographer. The two are interested in geocaching and took time on their recent trip to the Caribbean to see what they could find. Read on to find out which ports have these hidden gems (hint: there’s even one in our most popular Caribbean call!). — Geocaching is a Great Way to Explore Ashore by Jan Hinman No matter where you may travel on a Holland America Line ship, chances are that in any port of call you will not be far from a geocache. On a recent Southern Caribbean cruise on ms Maasdam, my daughter and I decided to see if we could find a few of these caches at a couple of our ports of call. Worldwide, millions of enthusiasts have hidden small caches, called geocaches, and logged their geographical coordinates (and possibly some hints about their location) so that others may hunt for them., the website that coordinates this outdoor treasure hunting game, says that “you can do a search just about anywhere in the world and be able to walk, bike, or drive to a nearby hidden cache.” That’s what we intended to do. We knew our biggest challenge would be transportation to the locations of the caches, so we did some checking before leaving home to find sites within a reasonable distance of where Maasdam would dock. Much to our delight, we discovered we could search for a cache on St. Kitts that was hidden within sight of the ship. Another on the same island would require a bit of adventure, but we were game to try. Upon arrival at St. Kitts, we quickly found the first cache, signed the enclosed “log” and went on line to notify the owner (the person who originally hid the cache) that we had found it. Then we set out to find the next cache. Following hints online, we walked a short distance into town and looked around for vans that serve as the island’s public transportation system. I don’t know […]

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