ms Prinsendam

ms Prinsendam

Ship Facts

The Netherlands
37,983 grt
669 feet
22 knots
June 2002
Rose Abello, Eva Andresen and Linda Ehlenberger

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Sep 2014

On Location: Antarctica Cruises Led By World-Renowned Expedition Team

Submitted by: HAL Enrichment Team


For many travelers a cruise to Antarctica is the adventure of a lifetime. The earth’s most remote continent, Antarctica is full of mystery and wonder with much to discover. But what is the climate really like? Are there seasons? What types of wildlife live in Antarctica? All of these questions and more will be answered by a special “Expedition Team” that will be onboard ms Prinsendam and ms Zaandam when the ships head south. As part of the “On Location” onboard enrichment program, the Expedition Team is composed of one team leader and two team members on each ship. These world-renowned Antarctica experts will mingle with guests and give history, geology and zoology presentations; wildlife observations; scenic cruising commentary; lead marine animal and bird watching encounters; and host question-and-answer sessions. But the “On Location” experience doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Expedition Team, the cruise director, event manager, show host, techspert, Culinary Arts Center host, location guide and librarian will all support Antarctica activities. Are you looking to send home gorgeous snapshots of glaciers or create a memory book? Be sure to attend a Digital Workshop powered by Windows class. Would you like to read more about Antarctic expeditions? Ask the librarian for recommendations. With access to the Explorations Team members who know Antarctica intimately, each cruise will be not only stunning to see, but also enriching to experience. MEET THE PRINSENDAM TEAM: Lou Sanson – Expedition Team Leader Lou Sanson was appointed director-general of the New Zealand Department of Conservation in September 2013 after 11 years as chief executive of Antarctica New Zealand where he was responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand’s activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. While onboard, Lou will lecture on: “Amazing Discoveries in Antarctic Science” “Sub-Antarctic Islands — Wonder Places of The World” “Polar Discovery — 200 Years of Antarctic Exploration” He has led the development of Antarctica’s largest wind turbine project focused on reducing consumption of fossil fuels at McMurdo Station and Scott Base; carried out a major upgrade of facilities at Scott Base; placed a significant emphasis on outreach of the […]

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