ms Prinsendam

ms Prinsendam

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The Netherlands
37,983 grt
669 feet
22 knots
June 2002
Rose Abello, Eva Andresen and Linda Ehlenberger

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Aug 2015

Cruise Diary from a Collectors’ Voyage: Following the Footsteps of the Vikings

Submitted by: HAB Editorial Team

There's a lot of gorgeous scenery on the Voyage of the Vikings cruise, including Prince Christian Sound. Photo by Jan Yetke.
There's a lot of gorgeous scenery on the Voyage of the Vikings cruise, including Prince Christian Sound. Photo by Jan Yetke.

Holland America Line Mariners and frequent cruisers Jan and Dick Yetke set sail July 25 on Veendam’s “Voyage of the Vikings” Collectors’ Voyage that cruises from Boston, Massachusetts, to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and back. Collectors’ Voyages combine back-to-back itineraries into one, longer cruise, and this is one of our most popular. Come along with Jan and Dick on their grand sojourn as they visit Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and more! See the beautiful scenery and memorable sights, like this cute seal at Prince Christian Sound. CORNER BROOK, NEWFOUNDLAND: After two wonderful days at sea (calm), we docked in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. Weather was lovely – comfortable temperature and partly cloudy! We took the shuttle into town, not knowing exactly what we were going to do, and low and behold we discovered a bike rental shop! So, of course, we rented a couple bikes (and they were electric assist) and off we went. We had a lovely ride along the trail out along the waterfront and back. It was a great treat that we did not expect to find. RED BAY, LABRADOR: The next day we anchored off Red Bay, Labrador, Canada, at about 8:00 am. This is a very small community now of only about 300 people. Had a very nice walk down the road and then up the hill to the church. Next door was a historical museum which was very interesting. As we were getting ready to go back down the hill and back to the ship, the fog was rolling in and the ship was “sinking” down into the fog! We enjoyed the stop here. QAQORTOQ, GREENLAND: This was a beautiful day visiting a small village here on the southwest corner of Greenland – very remote! At just over 3,000 inhabitants Qaqortoq is the largest town in Southern Greenland. We walked past the museum, saw the fountain which was built in 1927 and is the oldest fountain in Greenland, and up the hill to the Church of Our Savior, a beautiful wooden church built in 1832. We really enjoyed all the beautiful […]

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