ms Statendam

ms Statendam

Ship Facts

The Netherlands
55,819 grt
719 feet
22 knots
January 1993
Mrs. Lin Arison

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Jan 2015

Instagram Tips and Tricks – Learn to Share Your Cruise Travel Photos

Submitted by: HAL Social Media Team

Join Holland America Line on Instagram to share your favorite vacation photos!
Join Holland America Line on Instagram to share your favorite vacation photos!
"Flippin' Friday" photo shared by @jessiejaytlp.

Instagram is an increasingly popular way to share the exciting and precious moments of your cruise with family, friends, and the world at large. The photo sharing application has skyrocketed over the past year, surpassing Twitter and Facebook as the fastest growing social platform. Holland America Line’s Instagram is a great place to look for travel inspiration and reminisce about your time onboard. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, don’t worry! Take a look at some of Holland America Line’s tips and favorite Instagram posts and you’ll be an expert in no time. 1. CHOOSE A HANDLE The first step to sharing on Instagram is to download the application on your smartphone and choose a username. Your username — or handle, like they call it on CB radios — will be preceded by the “@” symbol. You can access Instagram from a desktop, but it has limited capabilities. It’s best to use your smart phone to view and post photos. Best practice is to choose a fun and simple name that friends and family can easily find and remember. For example, Holland America Line’s handle is @HALcruises. If you’ve got a unique first and last name, use it! If someone else reserved your name before you had a chance, try incorporating a hobby, interest or location-based username. 2. FIND FRIENDS AND FAMILY If you’re already on Facebook, Instagram will import your friends list, and you will have the opportunity to select who you would like to “follow” on Instagram. If not then you can ask family and friends for their handles and search for them using the navigation function, the icon that looks like a compass. Don’t forget to follow Holland America Line, @HALcruises! Look for more suggestions of some of Holland America Line’s friends, beautiful travel accounts and the Dancing With the Stars: At Sea gang at the bottom of this post. 3. PICK A HASHTAG “Hashtags” are Instagram labels. To familiarize yourself search a popular hashtag like “#cruise” in the navigation screen and you’ll see all of the photos tagged “cruise” from around the world, in real time. […]

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