ms Westerdam

ms Westerdam

Ship Facts

The Netherlands
82,348 grt
936 feet
24 knots
April 2004
Actress Renée Soutendijk

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Nov 2016

Journeys Ashore Spotlight: ‘Cabo San Lucas Ziplining Adventure’ Truly Is an Adventure

Submitted by: HAL Shore Excursions Team


Holland America Line asked Guest Roland if he would send in an article about his recent Journeys Ashore experience in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on his recent Westerdam cruise, and he was more than happy to oblige! Roland took the “Cabo San Lucas Ziplining Adventure” and it certainly is a great option for guests who like an adrenaline rush in a safe and exciting environment. —— The Cabo San Lucas Ziplining Adventure is listed as a very active excursion — it carries the three-hiker symbol on the Holland America Line website and shore excursion brochure — and it is not for the faint of heart. The tour is for someone who is relatively physically fit, as it requires hiking, climbing and hanging on for dear life. OK, that might be a little exaggerated, but from my experience and the comments of my fellow zipliners, this was more active than most Holland America Line shore excursions. Sign me up! The tour begins with a 13-minute tender ride from the ship to the dock in Cabo San Lucas. From there, we climbed into an air-conditioned van, but only after being weighed to ensure we didn’t exceed the tour’s 260-pound weight limit. We then drove 70 minutes up into the Sierra Madre mountains through an arid, largely uninhabited region populated mainly by saguaro cactus and mesquite scrub. Upon arrival at our destination, we mounted a Unimog truck. These German-built 1962-model yellow trucks are ubiquitous on excursions run by Cabo Adventures and sister company Vallarta Adventures. They are made for climbing and descending steep inclines, rolling over rocks and through rivers. Which was handy, as we jounced off on a 45-degree incline down one side of a valley through a shallow river bed and up the other side to the base camp. Our driver Alvaro characterized the jostling ride as a “Mexican back massage,” the first of many self-deprecating and amusing descriptions we were to encounter over the course of the day. Once at base camp, we were all outfitted with gloves, harnesses and helmets, and given a thorough safety briefing. We were told […]

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