ms Amsterdam

ms Amsterdam

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The Netherlands
62,753 grt
780 feet
22.5 knots
October 2000
Janet Lanterman

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Mar 2017

Moments That Make A Grand Voyage Grand: Three Generations At Sea

Submitted by: HAL Guest and Travel Writer Georgina Cruz

Three generations of the Cruz family enjoy seeing Asia's sights, including Mt. Sakurajima.
Three generations of the Cruz family enjoy seeing Asia's sights, including Mt. Sakurajima.

Guest Georgina Cruz currently is onboard her fourth Grand World Voyage and is sharing her experiences with the Holland America Blog. My husband Humberto and I have had such a wonderful time during our last three World Cruises on Holland America’s Amsterdam that on our fourth and current Grand World Voyage this winter, also on the Amsterdam, we felt we wanted to share our good fortune with our daughter and two teenage grandsons. So, we made our 2017 World Cruise sort of an “All In The Family,” affair, feeling blessed to be able to share with our family one segment, the 18-day Osaka to Hong Kong chapter of this epic circumnavigation of the planet. And what a Grand Moment it was to have three generations of our family together at sea during the World Cruise! We selected the Osaka to Hong Kong segment because our grandsons had never been to Asia and both of them wanted to see the Great Wall of China (who wouldn’t want to see this wonder, right?) and because our grandson Julian, upon being asked once that if he could go to any country in the world which one would he choose, he answered without hesitation: “Japan!” So with the 2017 World Cruise visiting ports in Japan, we simply couldn’t resist! These “the more the merrier” travel occasions (both at sea and on land) can be tricky, but not if you plan carefully. And also keep in mind Mark Twain’s words: “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” So mindful of his words we took measures to ensure a good time for all. We booked two cabins so everyone would have some private space: Humberto and I were in one cabin and our daughter Veronica and two grandsons, Julian and Aidan, ages 13 and 16, were in another on the same deck –and so we had two bathrooms at our disposal. Another important consideration during family reunions encompassing three-generational travel is also to give members of the group […]

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