ms Nieuw Amsterdam

ms Nieuw Amsterdam

Ship Facts

The Netherlands
86,700 grt
936 feet
23.9 knots
July 2010
HM Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

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Aug 2016

Partner Recipes: Sushi and Asian Dishes with Renowned Sushi Expert Andy Matsuda

Submitted by: HAL Culinary Team

Sushi Chef Andy Matsuda, center, leads a private class onboard Nieuw Amsterdam.
Sushi Chef Andy Matsuda, center, leads a private class onboard Nieuw Amsterdam.

Holland America Line’s partner Sushi Chef Andy Matsuda recently cruised on Nieuw Amsterdam. During his time onboard, in addition to providing training to our chefs, Andy delighted guests with cooking demonstrations and a private class. Guests who participated in the personal lesson were in for a treat. After all, it’s not everyday you get to learn how to create sushi and Asian dishes from a true expert. But on a Holland America Line cruise opportunities are plentiful to learn from the foremost experts in their field. At Andy’s Sushi Chef Institute in downtown Los Angeles he teaches aspiring chefs and professionals from all over the world about sushi and Japanese cuisine. And guests on Nieuw Amsterdam had first-hand access to his expertise. Business Development Manager Karen Seiler took part in one of the classes and sent in these photos and recipes. — GREEN BEANS WITH MISO DRESSING Ingredients: 5 oz green beans 3 oz miso 3 oz sugar 1 tbsp vinegar 1 tbsp mirin 1 tbsp sake 1 piece fresh ginger Sesame seeds Directions: Boil green beans and drain, then put into an ice water bath. For the miso sauce, mix white miso and sugar together and add one tablespoon each of mirin, soy sauce and sake. Mix dry green beans with miso sauce and toasted sesame seeds with ginger. — TSUTSUMI SUSHI Serves: 1 Ingredients: Sliced fish – 1 piece each of shrimp, tuna and salmon 1 spoon fish eggs – tobiko 1 spoon salmon eggs Shizo leaf and soy sheet 3 oz sushi rice Sushi-zu (sushi vinegar) Preparation: Steam rice and mix with sushi-zu and cool it down. Boil shrimp then slice in half and wash with salt water. Slice tuna ½ oz a piece. Plastic wrap with shrimp or tuna with 1 oz of sushi rice. Wrap together to form sushi ball. — COLD SHRIMP SOMEN NOODLES Serves: 5 Ingredients: 5 shrimp 2 bunches of somen noodles ½ cup chives, chopped ½ cup tempuro crunchy 3 cups dashi ½ cup soy sake ½ cup mirin Directions: Boil the shrimp for a few minutes then put into an […]

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