Current Captains and Their Schedules

Under this subdirectory you will find a series of biographies of current HAL captains and their schedules.


  1. Thank you for reading my blog.

    Information will eventually appear on the blog sub directory. For the time being, subject to change, he should be on the Eurodam, sometime in October.
    Best regards

    Capt. Albert

  2. HAL history ships past and present.
    Should be made available onboard I would really like to read it but there does not appear to be a Kindle edition which would be great for onboard reading

  3. Captain Scott was amazing took the time to go through his career starting with the Union Steamship Co. NZ. His random act of kindness will never be forgotten by both my wife and I whilst on a Caribbean cruise, wonderful PR.

  4. It’s as good as filling in the blanks on the “Current Captains and their schedules” blog sub directory, Captain! How nice to know a little more about Captain Rens van Eerten who also had been in the flying business for a short while. Did you know that, Captain? I testify that he flew at the speed of light when I saw him come back to Vancouver one Alaska season with 4 stripes on his epaulette instead of 3. Next thing I saw in the HAL blog is that he had 5 stripes on his shoulders! Is he holding up well, Captain after his travel at the speed of light?
    And, may I please one more time, Captain?? It is too tempting to pass on this opportunity … Have you been blogging since 2004 or thereabouts?

  5. I started in March 2007, but first for a magazine called the Avid Cruiser. Then Holland America pulled me in house. All the blogs are in the archives, right from the beginning.

    Best regards
    Capt. Albert

  6. Will you still be on the Westerdam on the 5 Dec 2015 cruise? Enjoy every one of your posts. They are so informative and give insight to things that most passengers do not know.

  7. Hi Captain Albert, I am still enjoying your daily blog and it makes me feel as if I am travelling with you.

    I , all being well , will be joining Rotterdam on 31 January 16 for cruise to Singapore. Looking forward to the experience as have previously sailed on Amsterdam.

    Are you able to advise me as a matter of interest who will be the Master of Rotterdam.

    Best regards

    Ted Dixon

  8. Thank your continious support.

    If nothing changes then the captain should be Marco Carsjens. Together with Capt. Hans Mateboer he is one of the two regular captains of the ship.

    Safe sailing.

    Capt. Albert

  9. Hi Captain Albert, thanks for the information. Time is now running down fast for me as it is only 59 days before I embark on Rotterdam. This means 56 days before I leave Cape Town for Dubai. Really looking forward to the cruise and visiting the interesting destinations especially Yangon.

    Thanks again for all the most informative blogs, really part of my daily routine.
    Good sailing,
    Best regards

    Ted Dixon

  10. Captain, would you already know who is in command on the Westerdam on 2 October and 8 October 2016? Many thanks.

  11. Hallo,

    No I don’t know at the moment as there is a bi-annual captains rotation going on, and I do not know exactly yet who is going to end up where.
    Some stay, some will move.

    Best regards

    Capt. Albert

  12. No, not yet, there is the bi-annual move around going on and I do not know yet who stays, who moves and move to where.

    Might be a while before it is all sorted out.

    Best regards

    Capt. Albert

  13. Thank you, Captain Albert. I will repeat my request with a correction in the dates later on in they year.

  14. I just got off the 2016 World Cruise last day of April. Great cruise visited some new ports, some I had already seen. Capt Johnathan Mercer was most informative and keep us posted on everything that was currnetly happening. However I still wonder about Capt Sybe de Boer as I have sailed with him about 4 times. Oh yes I did see the old Statendam in Sydney, Australia and brought tears to my eyes.
    Thanks for any information you might have. Mary Beth Burns

  15. Good morning,

    Thank you for reading my blog. Capt. Sybe is currently acting as Fleet Captain. This is a function as training captain to keep the various ships and bridge teams uptodate with the latest navigation techniques and requirements. He is scheduled to return to a regular rotation in sep. 2017.

    Best regards

    Capt. Albert

  16. We sail this month on the Rotterdam. Can you tell me who will be captaining the ship? We cruised wIth you a few years ago through the Panama Canal and thoroughly enjoyed your comments and insight.


  17. Hello Capt. Albert, I am still visiting ships in Alaska and I met Genaro E. who suggested I get in touch with you. He told me about your books. He said I might know something or someone you would like to meet that I have come across during these 37 years of ship visiting.

    By the way, it is great to know you are still sailing!!!!!

  18. We are cruising on the MS Noordam in March 2017 in Australia and New Zealand.Are you able to let me know if Pieter Boss is captain for these cruises

  19. Thank you for reading my blog.

    The current captains of the Noordam are Capt. Peter Bos and Capt. Henk Draper. They are currently scheduled to switch around 17 march 2017 which is ofcourse never set in stone. So if you go after the 17th. you will have Capt. Draper, if you go before you should have Capt. Bos. But I can not promise.

    Enjoy your cruise

    Capt. Albert

  20. Thanking Captain John Mercer on our way to Alaska. He kept us informed about, weather, events, what to expect in each excursion we went on. He made our trip very informative. I hope to go again on a cruise, but Alaska was beautiful, and so relaxing. Thank you Captian Mercer, and all your team workers, everyone was so kind.

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