1. Via cruise-critics werd ik op Uw weblog attent gemaakt. Heel leuk en erg interessant om te lezen en zo een beetje mee te varen.
    Wij hebben met veel plezier een paar cruises gemaakt (w.o. HAL).
    Goede vaart,

  2. Hello Captain Albert Schoonderbeek,

    I am very impressed by your daily newsletters. I know the time you have to spent on, due to update my own website. Nice to learn how it works on a cruiseship.
    Behouden vaart!!

    Harm Brink

  3. Thank you, Captain, for sharing your blog and these historical notes.
    It is the best, most interesting of its kind I have read.

    I look forward to following your future progress and adventures.
    I’m delighted you enjoyed the Atlantic crossing recently — I had exactly your reaction to the experience!


  4. Hallo Captain Albert.

    Ja ik wil even reageren,ik heb een paar reizen met u
    gemaakt op de oude Noordam u was toen eerste Stuurman.
    Ik ben leo de Zwart oud Store Keeper Van de lijn.
    Ik vind het een leuke blog ik kijk er veel naar,ik ben laats
    nog op de Eurodam geweest pracht schip,nu captain
    ik hoop dat u stukjes blijft schrijven
    Vele groeten Leo

  5. We arrived in the US on Sept 2, 1939 on the Veendam with Captain Fillippo. I still have the original passenger list. My mother became quite seasick in the North Atlantic, but as kids, my sister and I had nothing but fun.

  6. Thank you for reading my blog.

    Yes, September can already be very wobbly on the North Atlantic run with autumn storms coming over from Cape Hatteras. But at least you made it across before the war in Europe came to a head.

    best regards

    Capt. Albert

  7. Just been reading your daily blog and you have mentioned the wind the last several days. How does that equate to the Beaufort Wind Scale.
    Look forward to keeping up with all the activities concerning HAL and especially you comments about the stabilizers (picture) and several days ago you talked about the 5 powerful engines on the Zuiderdam. (your drawing)
    I am taking the Grand Med cruise next year (54 days) on my favorite, Princendam, my 5th cruise on that ship

  8. Thank you for reading my blog. Most of the days we had 20 + knots which would have been Beaufort 5 to 6. In Willemstad it gusted to the occasional seven which is near gale force. But as it is a regular wind, a sort of super trade wind, it is not related to “Gales” as we perceive with very bad weather and tress and power pots flying around. It is for the Caribbean just a very strong wind.

    enjoy your time on the Prinsendam. I was captain on her for 3 years. If you go back to 2009 / 2010 in the blog archives you will find a daily blog about a Grand Med cruise

    best regards

    Capt. Albert

  9. I see you just mentioned the Prinsendam II. I took the first call from Prinsendam I back in October 1980 when she caught fire. This was the first call from the Captain at 12:05 and not the official mayday transmitted an hour later. The call came in to my console at Rescue Center Kodiak where I was the night duty rescue coordinator. Kodiak coordinated and controlled the first three hours of the rescue before District Headquarters in Juneau took command. Because of the extreme good quality of the call I always questioned whether it was just a very good radio phone patch or a new marine satellite call. Our Prinsendam Rescue Association is trying to clear up this detail. Do you know what type of communications the captain would have had on the bridge that night?

  10. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for helping out with the rescue.

    The captain would have been on a regular phone patch via the ships Radio Officer as the first Sat phones did not appear on the Holland America Line ships until the mid eighties. I just think that the atmospheric conditions must have been very good, as the distance to Kodiak was still a good ways.

    Best regards

    Capt. Albert

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