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Sep 2013
Booked Your Cruise? Get Ready to Indulge With a Package


Try a selection of different wines onboard by purchasing a wine package.

Among the many delights of a Holland America Line cruise are the thoughtful and unexpected touches that make your vacation especially memorable. Guests, as well as their friends and family traveling together, are invited to indulge and get into the spirit of creating special moments with our onboard gift program. Holland America Line offers the perfect gift for everyone, from flowers to wine, photo and specialized celebration packages, offerings for couples and more.

While Holland America Line features more than 150 unique items, below is just a sampling of the different packages and indulgences that are part of our cruise experience.

The Cellar Master Package gives guests a premium wine tasting experience throughout the length of the cruise. The package includes two wine tasting events conducted by our Cellar Master, an evening of fine dining in the Pinnacle Grill, five vintage bottles based on personal preference, a HAL commemorative bottle and a wine gift. Guests also can choose from three, five and seven-bottle packages.

With a Beverage Package, guests can enjoy a bottle of their favorite spirit onboard. From Vodka to Scotch to Gin, Holland America Line has more than 40 different spirits to choose from. A Spirit Package also adds three cans of a mixer for guest to make their favorite cocktail. Those who prefer beer can order a 6-pack of domestics like Miller Genuine and Budweiser, or imports like Corona and Heineken.

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Jul 2013
Maasdam at Torshavn and Seydisfjordur

Thanks to guest Jaap van Tuyll for sending in these two photos of Maasdam in some stunning settings.


Maasdam at Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

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Jul 2013
Cruise Diary: Alaskan Adventures - Thanking the Crew

Adventure traveler and Dutch TV personality Charlotte Van Hoorn was on board Zaandam for an Alaska cruise and will be sharing her adventure with us.

Thanking the HAL crew with these snapshots for welcoming my first time cruiser friends so warmly. Beverage Manager Hans Becker well represents the personal charm of HAL’s officers. It was a happy surprise to reconnect with him from another voyage and he added so many touches to our group events that made the journey a total success. As a Canadian of Mexican and German heritage, he has the diverse cultural experiences that make it easy for him to connect with so many guests. I forgot to ask how many languages he speaks, but with his world-wide training, he is fluent in planning the beverage stock needed to satisfy guests’ desires as the demographic changes as the ship sails through the oceans continent to continent. Personally, it sounds like a dream job, but he also enjoys a respite in his home on the lake near Toronto with its cultural and outdoor sports available.

Beverage Manager Hans Becker.

Beverage Manager Hans Becker.

Back aboard with Cellar Master Anton and others of his staff, we enjoyed the well-planned beverage events and Captain van Maurik’s receptions beautifully catered as thanks for repeat guests as members of the Mariner Society. Safe sailing, Zaandam, and enjoy the photos of one happy crew.

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