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Exploring Dunn's River Falls.

Exploring Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls.

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a part of the chain of Caribbean islands called the Greater Antilles, along with Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. The tip of a mountain rising from the sea floor, Jamaica boasts lush rolling hills and beautiful beaches. Flora and fauna abound on this beautiful island, with 250 bird species — including 26 birds that are found nowhere else — and more than 200 orchids and 550 different ferns.

When most people think of Jamaica they think of Reggae music. The music was born in the 1950s and ’60s from the musical styles of mento, ska and rocksteady, and the most famous reggae star was Bob Marley.

On Holland America Line’s western Caribbean itineraries, guests can visit three Jamaican ports and become immersed in this lively and colorful culture.

Ocho Rios
A call at Ocho Rios highlights Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Odd for a waterfall, the terraced cascade at Dunn’s River Falls is continuously rebuilding itself. The river is full of calcium carbonate and sodium, which turns the underlying rock into a vast hard water deposit. Gather some friends from the cruise, form a human chain, and hike directly across the face of the falls. Or, head up the hills above Ocho Rios to either the Shaw Park or Coyoba botanical gardens. Guest wishing to explore other parts of Ocho Rios can visit St. Ann parish, called the “garden parish” for its lush natural beauty, or visit the Craft Market to shop for souvenirs.

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HAL guests Stuart and Sandy Newman recently cruised the Caribbean on Westerdam and sent in these pictures from their Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls shore excursion at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

In Ocho Rios HAL passengers can enjoy a memorable shore excursion at Mystic Mountain— just 10 minutes by bus from the cruise pier— with stunning panoramic views of Ocho Rios, the rainforest and the sparkling Caribbean Sea coupled with a close up birds and indigenous plants along the chairlift’s aerial cruise through a bountiful tropical rainforest. The 40-minute Sky Explorer tour is easy for all ages.

Stuart and Sandy chairlift.

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If you want to have fun in Ocho Rios Jamaica, pay a visit to Dolphin Cove resort. You will have the chance to swim with Betta. You will ask yourself who is Betta? She is an amazing dolphin.

The instructor told us that she can move her eyes separately as well as look in different directions at the same time. And this is nothing. In order to detect an object she can send a sound wave that acts like sonar. She can even detect if a woman is pregnant as they will perceive the heart beat of the baby.

Well these are senses that I would like to have actually, any woman would like to have those skills. Am I right Ladies? She was sweet and happy like a puppy.

Ioana Cheregi
Human Resources Manager
ms Ryndam