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Going on a cruise is an exciting adventure, and many guests use it as the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. After all, most people on a cruise are like-minded in that they love to travel … so there’s one thing everyone has in common! Some love meeting people from different countries and cultures, while others are just naturally social and look forward to chatting away to everyone they meet onboard.

On a cruise it’s easy to get to know your dining room tablemates, the guests in line at the tour desk or even your new partners at trivia. But guests looking to connect with fellow passengers before the cruise have a way to do just that on Facebook with the “Meet Fellow Cruisers” Roll Call tab — now featuring all 500 plus sailings in 2015!

Once you visit the Holland America Line page on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/HALcruises) and click on the “Meet Fellow Cruisers” tab just under the cover photo, it’s as simple as selecting the month of your cruise and your ship from the drop-down menu, then scroll down to choose your cruise date, click “Join Roll Call” to join your Roll Call group, if you just want to look with out joining yet, simply click “Event Details”. Guests on an Alaska Land+Sea Journey should join the cruise portion of their sailing.

The Holland America Roll Call Events is where you’ll find other guests who will be on your voyage, so you can get to know each other before setting sail. You can even prearrange a Roll Call “Meet & Greet” event during the cruise so you can get together face-to-face. To request a Roll Call Meet & Greet event, email the link to your event with “Roll Call Event Request” in the subject line to HAL_Onboard_Events@HollandAmerica.com. A form will be sent to you to assist in finalizing event arrangements.

Roll Call allows you to connect before the cruise, so once onboard you can meet up for dinner, drinks and activities.

Roll Call allows you to connect before the cruise, so once onboard you can meet up for dinner, drinks and activities.

Once you board, you also can visit the Digital Workshop Open House on embarkation day to meet the Roll Call guests in your group.

Your fellow guests are pretty savvy when it comes to travel, and in addition to finding cruisers on your voyage Roll Call is the ideal place to ask questions, get tips on packing, learn about shipboard activities, find out the port highlights, see dining options and more before your cruise.

Once you connect, you might even find a group you want to spend time with onboard so you can plan to share meals, meet for drinks and join new friends on shore excursions. And when the cruise is over, guests can keep connected by sharing photos and memories online.

So if you’re looking to meet new people and make new friends before you go on your cruise, visit Facebook and click on the “Meet Fellow Cruisers” tab to become a part of Holland America Line’s Roll Call community.

Have you participated in a HAL Roll Call group?

Note: Please verify your Facebook account privacy and security settings so that you only share information with those you intend to. Please email socialmedia@hollandamerica.com with questions.

Aug 2012

Calling all blog and Facebook fans who are taking a Holland America Line cruise! Check out the new “Roll Call” link in the right column on the blog, under “Ships” and “Topics.” If you have a Facebook account, now you can easily access Roll Call from the blog.

Roll call allows you to connect with fellow passengers before you set sail; plan a get together with new friends on board; get advice and tips on activities, tours and dining; and stay in touch, share photos and memories after your cruise.

Check it out before you leave for your cruise!